About JamBrü

Jamaar Julal, Creator and Owner of JamBrü

The JamBrü Story

My name is Jamaar Julal, and I am the creator of JamBrü. My lifelong passion for cooking led me to The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill college. While there, I discovered the magic of fermentation and began pickling anything from cucumbers to wild foraged morel mushrooms.

What started as single gallon brewing operation quickly became two, then five, and now 10 gallons and counting. Word spread quickly, and I created an instagram to showcase my kombucha. Soon enough, I was receiving orders from friends-of-friends-of-friends, and complete strangers. The positive feedback I’ve had gave me the courage to launch the business officially, and make this website.

Stay tuned because big things are coming for JamBrü! We have been speaking with several restaurants about serving JamBrü on tap, we have pop-ups planned, and even have a spotlight in the Philadelphia Inquirer coming soon.

Thank you for visiting my website!